Staking Some Tribe Tokens And My Wallet States

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Hey Friends ...
Have a nice day!


Today, I did Some Tribe Tokens Staking.
That are LEO , CTP and PAL Tokens.

When I staked 2.728 LEO, there have over 1205 LEO Power in my wallet.


LEO price is changed down 11.42% in Leodex at this morning.

When I Staked 7.667 CTP, there have over 515 CTP Power in my wallet.


CTP price is changed down 9.16% in LeoDex at this morning.

When I staked 24.659 PAL, there have over 171 PAL Power in my wallet.


PAL price is changed up 46.67% in LeoDex at this morning.

This is the states of LEO , CTP and PAL in my LeoDex wallet.

In this week, I don't take more Time on LeoFinance because my country Myanmar was experienced ugly military coup.
So, we are doing Civil Disobedience Movements as Peaceful protest and Stimulating on Social media.

Tin Aung Soe


Keep stacking as the future will be incredible with these tokens. LEO is a good example of this and CTP is following the same steps.

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Thank you so much.

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Staking will be key on long term. Nice job.


keep yourself safe.

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Thank you so much friend!
The internet was down 24 hours a day and can now be used again. Nothing is certain. We still have to fight military coup.

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I love reading these. Leo posts... They're onto some great things.

Yes, Thank you.
Let's go together!

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I'm game... What do you need me to do?