The Sudden LEO Pump: Reminder on the Need to Earn and Hodl LEO tokens

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Truth be told, I never expected or envisaged this sudden pump in the price of LEO, at least not now. Mind you, I'm not saying that I didn't believe that LEO was gonna spike in value. Of course, with the gradual adoption of LEO, it's dollar value can only increase but I expected it to be gradual though.

I have always wanted to buy and hodl LEO but somehow, I keep skipping it for no reasons. However, with this price trigger, I have seen the need to buy, earn and hodl the LEO tokens. It was exciting though to see the token price go up following my recent visit to Hive Engine but on the other hand, I noticed that the lowest ask price was at about $0.14 and $0.15. Really high for buying compared to few weeks back.

Implying that the amount of LEO a thousand (1000) HIVE would have earned me months back would have changed drastically. Then I ask, would you rather buy LEO when the price is low or when it is high? If you ask me, I prefer buying it low. So, I'm beginning a massive buy and staking of LEO tokens!

However, I noticed that the bulk buy order of LEO @ $0.15 Hive, which I believe is the reason for the sudden increase in the price of LEO was being removed. Also, the sell pressure is really high at the moment. Don't you think that could cause the price drop?


To be on the winning side in case such happens again, my next move now is to accumulate as many LEO tokens as possible both via blogging through the leofinance frontend and buying on the exchange should in case, the price spikes further up. I would feel so good if I hold much LEO when its price reaches $1. We all want this!

I see LEO increasing the more in its value and usage. However, more use cases and utilities should be made available for the token to foster it's growth.

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Good to have you onboard @tomlee.

LEO has tremendous potential with all that is going on. It is good to see others starting to catch on.

Together we can build a tremendous economy here.

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It's my pleasure to be active here!

The potentials of LEO is clearly visible. Not joining the move would not be wise at all.

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Look for the re-launch of the LeoShop in the near future.

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Fingers crossed