The ignition spark

in hive-167922 •  2 months ago 

And so, 10 years ago, by mean of this simple request message, the spark of the crypto market was set.

It still amazes me.

There is no better movie script than life itself and this is a clear example, isn't it?

Happy Bitcoin Pizza day!


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A classic example of not knowing what one was holding.

Those will go down in history as the two most expensive pizzas.

By now, that person could own an entire chain for that money.

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Thanks to that guy, among others, Bitcoin and crypto market is now what we know as well.

Yes very true @toofasteddie.

And it is just getting started.

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bitcoin always gives the best to everyone. and even bitcoin is still the main choice in every step of the people

And even in Indonesia the price of birds is very good

I hope you are right and BTC keeps being utilize more and more by usual people

I prefer this

I guess that guy is really proud of himself right now and that the leftovers really taste good:)) What can I say, a pioneer of crypto payments and transactions.

It is crazy to think how just one decision could change your life!