Jerk Me On Twitter, I Jerk Back!

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So, lately I am making a cautious effort to establish a stronger presence on Twitter. My main purpose for now is to simply shill more effectively the projects I like, like hive, bsov, leofinance etc etc. But a strong twitter profile can have other benefits too, like when bounty hounting or spamming the occasional affiliate link.

Atm, I am not doing anything special other than engaging with other fellas, mainly hivers. Liking, retweeting, commenting etc. And who would have thought! Using a social media like it was meant to be used is pretty effective! Genious! Despite the fact that I have only 138 followers my engagement on my mostly spammy tweets is pretty good, with plenty of likes and retweets.

Heck, just look at the twitter stats from leofinance at , they make me feel like I am an influencer, as I am continuously sitting comfy on the top referral spots.


So yeah, yesterday I begged for your votes, today I beg for you to be a good boy and head over my twitter profile at and give me a follow and a couple of likes. The more likes the better, cause then the twitter algorithm will think you love me and then show me in your feed more often. And let's be honest. You know you love me!

Also I highly suggest you to follow the accounts below because they make a pretty good job at promoting hive and/or hive related projects!

And probably others I forget or have no idea they are on twitter. Just drop their twitter profile on the comments below so that I give them a follow and a jerking!

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I have always like you man
Perhaps not yet on Twitter lol

I'll need to up my tweeter game soon. I only access my Twitter from my phone, while I blog from the PC. Let's see what the next week carries. Thanks for all the push for HIVE and LEOFinance on Twitter.

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Congrats for reaching 73 and thanks for the shout-out!!!

I like you boy 👦

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Super secret loser 😄

Well it's good, I think just a little time spent on twitter is great. The presence of @leofinance is definitely great for hive.

Είσαι θεός δεν λέω κάτι άλλο. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Did it. Was already following a couple. Last one...I don't know about that :)

However, if the accounts don't follow me back on Twitter in a couple of days I unfollow. I'm not much of a groupie...more of a friend :)

Aria kourada hahaha 😀

Do retweets count towards you? I noticed you haven't been tweeting much.