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RE: "Macro" Trading! A Success Story?

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Given the very favorable impression left by @steem.leo / @khaleelkazi's recent "LeoFinance 2020 Roadmap" post, I will almost certainly invest into being a LEO whale in the next little while.

the good thing is you can always "invest" time and write great posts like this one and you will be one before you know it. That was a fun post too read :D


Thank you for your words of encouragement @trumpman! And thank you for straightening me out on what levels are inside the LeoFinance community. I will almost certainly become a LEO whale.

We are in agreement about time. In my "journey" through these "virtual worlds," I hear a lot from others about not having funds to invest. But we all have exactly the same amount of time - 24 / 7 / 365. It is a question of how we choose to invest that as well. Of the two, my time is far more valuable to me ...

Thanks for stopping by and adding value to this post!

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