A reddit front end like style #wallstreetbets

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To onboard the Reddit people, I think we need a Reddit style like front end. Why because people want to use the same without disadvantages.

As you are familiar with Reddit you know, sometimes there will be a meme and 100 comments or more. So the interaction with users is more important than the content itself.

People discuss things too close to every topic on the earth on Reddit.

What it would need to rebuild IMO?

I think for something like a Reddit style front end we would need SMTs. I can imagine the shirt storm and self-destruction if a meme becomes a 20$ upvote.

But is it less worth it because people care about it? Is it worth being BM or pissed? I don't think so.

Every community or religion or group has there own rules. To not get into community fights, we need for them a way to interact in free space.

Most social media platforms don't have a dislike. The reason for that is "user experience". Hive doesn't work without downvotes against spam. But in community cases spam is subjective.

I don't know what the plan is to get Smts ready and in which time frame. One Token standard that's open and people can connect these to other things like smart contracts to build on. That's KEY!

Also, RC delegations + wallet ticket transfers would be needed to make a smooth experience on our chain for the end-user.

But Why should Hive gets value from this?

More Users ---> more development ----> cooler chain.

After Stuff like this is gone, more proposals like @ecency should pop up and get funded. The most community are big but don't have the money or experience to build something like a front end from scratch.

Hive delivers the Tools and the people will start building.

The advantages are clear for every Hive user. Let the world the advantages know :)

The Impact would be Huge.

The last months were so crazy. So much content got censored or deleted. Censorship starts everywhere.

I would make a list, but that would be too long and I wouldn't know where to start.

Shitty apps pop up and promise there would fix these problems.

This is in my opinion the transition time between old social media and new.

If Hive plays the cards right, it will be the biggest hit on the internet for decades.

  • Real Account Ownership
  • No Censorship
  • Value transfers
  • secure log in
  • Community
  • Token creation
  • ......

Things need to play Hand in Hand.

From Devs to communication persons to marketing. That is how it should work out.

We have the DAO fund and a strong community and I'm sure if resources are needed we have the right persons already here to empower projects.


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Reddit censoring spree is certainly going to bring a lot of users into our arms. I don't think Hive needs to change its layout for that to happen.

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sure it doesnt need to change anything. ITs more about adding a new frontend like peakd or hiveblog.

More front ends to connect hive will long term strengthen the Chain and community.

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