Cub Finance , first Impression

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First, I'm not a professional defi guy. I work on things like this super slow and retarded. After some time I understand "how it works" :).

After i see today the release of Cub Finance my first thought was " get the claimdrop" :D. Sure why not :P

So I read a bit and see " no claim drop today". Time to explore the platform.

First, really good looking and easy to use. Really nice job.

After exploring Farms and Dens I added some liquidity.

Like an idiot, I sign up for the contracts ( it was not that big a money waste as you think, because fees are not like ETH :D),

CUB-BNB LP. After sign up, I see "oh I don't have CUB". NO Problem. Sign up the next.

Next one was

BNB-BUSD LP, why not I have BNB and BUSD. Sign up, doesn't work. But wait, what is LP?

No research skip to the next. :D

After I looking at all farms, there are LP everywhere.

Finally, I found the Dens. Work for me and I'm happy with it.

Because we have the super-smart people here, for what stands LP? Leo Power? :D

Some idea, add a question mark in the corner for retards like me with a short block of text that explains things in a short version.

In general i really impressed how professional everything is. Really good work. Congrats to the LEO Team that works on it. Good Job.

As you see now, finally I'm a professional Defi expert. :)

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I have to deposit bnb first or busd to cubdefi first
But using what "Liquidity"?

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BNB for BSC. then you can join a farm or den.

As you can see I'm not an expert :)

With this, you can earn cub tokens.

For deeper questions I am the wrong person, I can only do my best to answer :)

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Here are pieces of information about the topic. Hope it helps.

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