Funny to see some arrogant Hive Whales

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I think some of our whales have no idea about selling and real-world use cases.

It is like you talk to IT people that have no idea "how to sell a product" or why it should have any worth.

We have many good marketers on Hive. Some of them run outside of Hive Multi-Million $ Ecommerce and affiliate businesses.

Most funny is, this group of people pointed the growing points out since the days of steem.

Now to the truth, nobody wants to hear.

Sure Hive has today more Dapps as Steem.

But I tell you something. There are apps in crypto, or that want to join crypto that will get more attention than any current hive app will ever get.

If they don't know about hive, they will never join Hive.

Nobody cares about Hive is more decentralized because nobody will know.

Our community was fighting on Twitter for the attention of the WSB-community. Do you know what happens?

Justin Sun Tweet he will buy for a Million Game stop stocks and got all attention.

WSB Chairman follows Justin Sun. So for me, it's more likely this massive group will join steem, if they join any WEB3 blockchain.

People love faces. Average people are fanboys. Bitcoin has also faces and become new ones like Elon Musk or Michael Saylor.

No single Whale, except @theycallmedan is knowing. And he gots banned on Twitter ...

Faces = Trust.
Trust = Value.

BTW: if Hive builds something innovative and Justin Sun plays copy and paste, and market it. If it works he has no development costs and can get the right people to build and manage it. If not, he losses nothing.

Nobody cares the work comes from Hive. Maybe some retarded nerds.

So if at some points SMTs here or something similar, we should have also the biggest marketing canons we can get.

And back to the start point. Today we have the most Dapps, Most Developer for WEB3. This can change faster as most people realize.

Remember how fast parler grew? Was around 50k user a day.
How many are active today? no idea. But the point is, that is what marketing can do. And if the user base is big enough, it's hard to kill a network. Most people stay there where the friends are.

So to all people with more than, 100k Hive powered up

The Community is the Value. So if the community gets 5 times bigger, the value gets 5 times bigger.

Nobody cares about fancy not marketable changes on some servers. People want to read:

" SMTs are ready on Hive, build your app now"

"With these 5 easy steps tokenize your community"

"Hive the true WEB3 Chain, Tokenize the Internet"

"Hive shows the Power of Community and overtake steem"

"500 Smts already on Hive and daily come more"

"Community XYZ joins Hive, WEB3 is the future"


And for sure the onboarding is since years bullshit.

A Hive account could cost 0,1 Hive and that's all. Why 3? It's random and stupid. Same with Rcs, for normal usage it could be cheaper and smart contracts or other stuff could get more expensive.

Mimimi spam? If hive cant handle spam good night.

If a price is cheap everyone can onboard anybody because it would be by a price of 10 cent/Hive only 1 cent per wallet. That's an amount nobody would care to pay.

30 cents are different. (today's price 60 cent).

Remember the best Whale buddies like Netuso and Justine got around 100k + 30k Justine and 70k+ Netuso.

Both were 100% waste. No updates on Hive ledger. I also think nobody is working on it. Fund bullshit and do nothing with it.


Vote for marketing, stop wasting funds on useless things.

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Hard pill to swallow but all this is true. We need a face, and we need to get to influencers. We keep thinking it will fall on our lap. That one day someone will see it and fall in love with it but that shit never happens in business.
There has to be concerted efforts, other than the fanboy shit we're doing on Twitter.

People will look at the cryptofinally situation and think that we're a bunch of retards that don't know shit about marketing. All we had to do was give her a little bit of attention and upvotes, she'd have been jerking us regularly to her army of simps on Twitter. SOme of those simps are rich you know?

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yup, I agree with you.

And these new Investors can fund new innovations/dapps on Hive or build it.

One of the biggest problems I see is whales are likely bullys.

That's the reason we need smts/smart contracts to take the power away from them.

Do they downvote? Nobody cares. RC pools give the gas needed and rewards are in SMTs with their own rules.

So hive can become a pure gov token and the system would work better.

Think about Facebook shareholders would attack people because of their opinion randomly?

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Any word about when the SMTs are coming around? Whenever it does get released, Justin Sun is going to steal it anyways and call it "Just Smart contracts" or one of his cheesy titles lol.

Leo seems the closest to bringing that value into the game for now, as they're branching out of the Hive ecosystem and getting their own identity.

yup. Agree.

About Smts I think it will get copied for sure. But that would be no problem if it's built on Hive and has really awesome marketing around + Tech support for people that want to build with. If things go in the right direction, it will be at some point too big to copy and maintain for outsiders :)

It must be designed in a self beneficial cycle.

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Yup and marketing is the most important thing of the lot. That's something we constantly fail at on Hive. I don't get why.


First, I think the upcoming proposal from lordbutterfly should get funded.

Second, we should start new ones :)

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I hope it gets funded but I know it won't because people don't like him. I'd definitely support it because I know he means well and wants success.

I'm looking at Staking keywords on Presearch. I'll use a little bit of my personal fund to test it out first.

if we make enough noise it gets funded I'm sure. Hit up stakeholders and tell them "let's test it out, nothing to lose and everything to win". Worst case it's a waste of funds and we learn what was wrong with it.

Best case it works in some way and we can build on top of it more.

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I also think @aggroed should make a proposal to give away free tribes sponsored by DAO to outside communities.

Or if it's not worth making a proposal of this $ amount, maybe a pool we can pay in for it and sponsor it :)

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This is the one I agree with. One ive also thought about.

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I'm starting to feel like we'll need these pools more than the DHF in the near future.

Remember the best Whale buddies like Netuso and Justine got around 100k + 30k Justine and 70k+ Netuso.

Both were 100% waste. No updates on Hive ledger. I also think nobody is working on it. Fund bullshit and do nothing with it.

Reading this hurts. However we learned our lessons now.

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Let's see we can get the future proposal from @lordbutterfly funded.

IMO it doesn't need to be a huge success, but it is a start. And it shows also to outside people:

"hey, you want to work for Hive? you can and you don't need a stake for it, only hard work"

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I love to read hard truth posts, these ones can push us forward. I'm kinda starting to be sick of HIVE IS THE BEST posts and shit while we don't do shit and some whales are acting like jerks (respect to a small number of them REALLY fighting for Hive, not their small worthless asses).

That Netuoso and Justine thing that happened is a big lesson and we will probably not learn from it in some time. Unfortunately.

But anyway, I hope people will wake up a little bit.

Peace yo

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Thanks you read it :)

To depower Whales, we should start making Blocks of people like a political fraction.

Like posting some goals we like and stake our voting power. Then we can fund every developer/coder/marketing person we want.

10k HP people alone have no influence.

Hundreds of us have more power than every whale here + Whales would also follow us.

That's also why I think Hive will become a pure gov/gas token in the future and SMTs will be rewarding. Besides the fact, a smt can make money out of Advertisement and share it with holders.

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Investors are investing, they are not marketing Hive, we have whales because a few people think that Hive as a token will grow in value.

We have the Hive Development fund, there is nothing stopping an individual from coming up with, and implementing an advertisement campaign. I see lots of post talking about marketing, I see very few post about any specific marketing campaign.

Sure but Hive is also a government Token. Whale votes count more. Not a single marketing proposal got even 1$. Not the brave one, not the Twitter one, not the influencer onboarding one,...

There were many ( sure some of them were bad for sure), but the signal is bad.

Perhaps they thought the so-called marketing plans were more of idea plans and not fully presented marketing plans. I'm not a business person I do not know how marketing works. Does a business pay for an advertising campaign fully up front, or do they pay for it after the product is ready? Commission work or up front fee work, or a combination of them.

I do not know what the answer is, but using words like arrogant are not going to help the situation, they are just going to add to the polarization feelings of some people.

Perhaps one day someone will present a real advertising campaign that the Whales can get behind.


Does a business pay for an advertising campaign fully up front,

particular is very common in that space. Most time is like more costumer for cash. Or more sales for cash. Depending on agency or PR work for cash to look better.

IMO the Hive situation it's simple.

Some imagine Marketing Proposal wants 150$ a day. that's 4500$/month ( to be real is not much). Imagine one Thing goes "viral" and brings some active new users. It's a gift.

So I would say Hire fast, fire fast.

Weekly report ( for example). Report sucks? defund the project. Work looks good? perfect.

Marketing is needed, space is free. So why not?

Nothing to lose.

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Still waiting on @lordbutterfly’s official proposal.

Remember the best Whale buddies like Netuso and Justine got around 100k + 30k Justine and 70k+ Netuso.

Yeah, fuck them both.


I don't agree with the last line but the rest of the article is priceless, IMO development is important also, Hive is good because it's innovative not just because is more or less well known (this is of course key though).

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Thank you.

Both are IMO important. If Hive has something cool, we need to show it.

i think at some point we need to understand that every role has its importance and part. I know one thing or two as a recruiter. We need all those IT guys to create stuff, we as a community can try them out and share our point of view, or ideas of how it can become better for free.

Then it's the job of the marketing guys and the salesman to promote the shit out of any project and dapp. It's really sad that while we got the "workforce" we don't use them, and everyone takes an initiative without even thinking first.

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I agree with you almost completely. I'd say that the resources should be balanced between development and marketing. The two you mentioned have definitely been a waste of funds, but your theycallmedan has voted for their proposals... We might need faces, not necessarily just one like Justin Sun, but an army like XRP has. Justin Sun is a dumb fuck imo. He probably understands this tech less than I do and he's a bad investor. Let the WSB join Steem, their fuss is already consumed. I'd bet more on individuals growth than a bunch of celebs. It's more sustainable this way imo.

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Downvote because this post does not belong in Leofinance. It has already been pointed out that you have to be a bit flexible. But for gaming there's a gaming community...

Heard about this ledger app - pretty sad story. Still not able to store stuff securely and convenient.

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