Recent coins, from shitcoins with love

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After LEO was such a huge success, I always looking out for the next big shit.

Pal announces some changes that should be good for Investors. So I bought some of it. The recent pump was close to 0.7 Hive and bounce back.

I bought around 2500 PAL. Why not :P

My other retarded gamble fun fund investment is blurt. Simple because it's cheap and they are building a bit around in the last time. Like a new front end.

Do I think Blurt is cool? Nope, but it is so cheap + exchange listings can make a good profit.

Blurt compare to Hive is meh.

Blurt compare to average shitcoin is Ok. And for a gamble with IMO okayish ods, also why not.

and if it hits at some point 20 cents ( as a peak) it would be around 35x to 40x :).

Is it smart to buy these shitcoins? Most likely not but again, why not.

That's my shitcoin story today.

I have found these useful step by step guide about shitcoins:

No financial advice, don't follow creepy people on the Internet like me.

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