Tribe Token / Smt token distribution

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Some idea.

If a new front end with token pops up, doesn't matter Smt or not, delegation would be a cool solution for it.

Think about.

New Token has 10M Tokens with 10% inflation first year.


year 1 10%
year 2 9%
year 3 8,1%

and so on.

To get sell pressure out of the market and make the token more valuable ( and get people to use it) a delegation drop would be a smart idea.

tokens delegated to people that for example active on Hive. Can be, people post last 2 months or something like that.

Now every user gets a delegation of that Token, no airdrop. ( sure miners can be sold additional).

Users that use the Token or front end receive the curation rewards + author rewards for using. The Tokens spread out naturally.

After a Time period, the delegated tokens get burned and decrease the amount massive ( Numbers could be different, it's only an example).

This gives every user a fair chance to receive tokens.

Be a part of a platform. Sure at some points, whales buy tokens and have more than others, but that's cool because they buy it only if they like what they see. Also, true believers and users will always hold more.

Why I post this?

Because it would be worth a test. If I think about onboard for example WSB, this distribution would be one of the best IMO. Long Term users, worthy community members will have that way more power. Money attacks become super difficult to impossible.

Besides that, it's also cool if some new Tribe pops up and would use something like that.

BTW, thank you @trumpman for new pennie tags :D

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Penis tags 🍆🍌☺️

classic penis tags. I like. I use next time :D

LEO is showing what is possible with second layer tokens.

Can’t wait for $SPEAK token launch.

Creating SMT and creating demand for HOVE is very important

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with real Smts i start building too. I have some ideas too :)

Bright future for Hive with all the cool shit happens now. Can you imagine 2 years from today?

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Long term thinking is key!

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