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I think sometimes what hive will be in some years from today. All the problems we have today onchain like onboarding, Smts, user experience… Are little compared to the longtime vision of what Hive can be.

I would call it a universal Blockchain.

Everything is possible!

Hive has social interactions between users. If this grows in the next years in an exponential way, the tech, developer entrepreneurs will come automatically. The reason is Users are the magnet of actions.
I always think about this like a Sandbox. Today we don’t have the cool Tools to build cool shit in the Sandbox.
ETH and other Smart contract Chains have these Tools but in an expensive and not user-friendly way.
Hive can do better. Easy access front end to interact with smart contracts on daily basis. The average user can interact.
So ask yourself. Will a Chain like ETH be King in 10 years or something like Hive? The money will go there, where the users are. That’s my opinion about that.
Most of the tokens are ERC20 tokens on ETH. It’s a bit annoying to think about this and remember the visions from smts years ago. I’m sure some of these tokens would be on Hive, if hive allows a decentralized way to have the token onchain. The second layer Token Balance will never replace an onchain token balance. Leo is more than 1 Million $ worth. Some ETH tokens over 1 Billion. These Values are there because it’s trustful. It isn’t on some sidechain.

Now back to the Universal Blockchain Vision

Smart contracts, Token creation, free transactions, Communities, free speech, and this on Hive in a decentralized way.
Awesome. With such a Toolset I’m sure people build stuff on hive, we can’t imagine at the moment.
Tokens all over the Internet. NFTs, games, Log in with Hive Keychain as a login option on every website on the web.
Smart Contracts to allow DEFI and programmable money and much more.
Loan Tokens and lock them up to create HDB. You need money and don’t want to sell your Hive? Lock it up and get some % in HDB. Pay the bills and unlock the Hive again with HDB. Reduce sell pressure + a really useful use case.
The user experience would be so much better than every web 2.0 app combined. All is possible.

These things will happen sooner or later on Hive. The most important is the Vision.
Other Chains have a way harder way if they want to be like Hive. The way for Hive is shorter and easier to archive.
That let me think “ Hive is the future”.

What is annoying today?

I know there are many people on hive who have some similar visions. But to be fair, even I have no idea if someone is working on Smts today or not.
I also have no idea if the “close to finishing Smt code” Bullshit or useable. There was a testnet on Steem and after Justin Sun happens nothing happens. Some problems with stability and parameters, if I remember right.
Reinvent the wheel if we have a wheel is not the smartest thing. Update problems would be better if it’s useable. Also, I would be interested in, if the code is trash and unusable “why the former dev team from steem has any reputation”.

The problems from today are really bad?

No, it’s only if you like something, like Christmas you want to celebrate it. On Hive nobody says “ SMTs are ready in XXX”. It was a Steem problem, that makes the community this hot. I think midterm we will get a good Solution. I hope it will be onchain. In Mind, computer power will become cheaper and cheaper, so that should not be a scaling and decentralization problem long-term to have it all onchain.

So we need to stay like always strong and patient. The Hive Swarm is strong and stays together many times to archive something unique on the Internet.

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