#wallstreetbets and $DODGE

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Is there a way we can support $DODGE on Hive? it would be huge and bring a lot of attention to Hive.

Some Ideas:

Hive Wallet creation with DODGE,

Smart contract to hold DODGE with Hive wallet

Trading pair with DODGE and so on.

Dodge is the MEME coin. Hive has a use case. If the Dodge people notice hive with the current wave of #wallstreetbets we save marketing money worth Millions and become a natural positive cycle.

Any ideas to this topic? Maybe better ones?

Feel free to discuss the current wave and how to bring Hive into the game. Because we are censorship-resistant!!!

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there is a swap.doge pair on the hive-engine/leodex

but the other stuff would be cool

i have seen some other projects talk about implementing use of doge (it's fast and cheap to use compared to btc/eth)

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yup would be cool if other cryptos can be deposit via smart contract on a trustless wallet and show up the balance on hive. Transfers from Hive to Hive would be from every crypto transaction cost free. Like a super big DEX.

There's no better suited place for hosting online communities. Imagine a Doge community on hive, imagine a wsb community. This was what hive was built for.

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Sure I agree. But the coolest shit would be if they can onboard by using dodge or something similar.

They don't come from themselves. It needs a smart pitch to onboard them, like every new product need.