My Activities of WOO - Wrestling Organization Online Game...!

Hello to all members on LeoFinance Community !

I would like to share you About "WOO"- Wrestling Organization Online Game Project.

WOO-Wrestling Organization Online is a play-to-earn game project and WOO Token is a native Token of WOO game project.

I looked Token's prices and checked my Hive Engine Token balances this morning.
I checked my Hive Engine Token rewards every week.

And also I learnt more about Hive Engine Tokens which are the best Tokens and which are the best condition for future.

I heard about WOO Token from my friends.
WOO Token is amazing because it is a little different function to the other Tokens.I liked their hard work and their supports to all users.
Did you know WOO game project and WOO Token Reward?
You can do some of WOO$ Passive incomes as below...;
(1)WOO - Airdrop
(2)WOO - NFT Mining
(3)WOO - Earn

**About WOO Pack...!
There are 3 kinds of WOO Packs,you can collect.

WOOALPHA Pack contains 5 NFT cards.

WOOSATURN Pack contains 1 NFT card.

WOORAVEN Pack contains 1NFT card also.

**How To buy WOO Packs...!

If you want to buy WOO Packs,you should go to the market of Hive-engine (or) and others.

And then you need to buy at least "1" WOOALPHA (or) WOOSATURN (or) WOORAVEN.

If you buy 1 WOOALPHA on the market,you will get 1 WOOALPHA Pack on your WOO account.
So "Buying 1" is "Getting 1 Pack " for all users.

Today,I bought 1 WOOSATURN from market. I payed 10 Hive for 1 WOOSATURN.
So I got 1 WOOSATURN Pack on my account.

After that I opened my WOOSATURN Pack and I saw One Legendary NFT Card.

The card name is "The Fontona Family".It included....
(A)Edition - 1
(B)ID - 15
(C)Team - Male
(D)Rarity - Legendary
(E)Foil - Regular
(F)Floor Price -5

After all,I made Add to NFT Mining Pool.I mean my NFT card to put NFT Mining Pool.

So I am waiting for Mining Pool rewards how much can I get.
Maybe so small...?????

**How To buy and stake WOO

At first, you need to go to the market of Hive-Engine (or) (or) Tribaldex .com exchange as you like.

You need to buy WOO Token on the market.
After buying,you need to stake WOO Token on your wallet.
After that you will get WOO staking rewards.

It is a good function to all users on Hive Platform.

**About MY Staking WOO Token
and Staking Rewards...!

I looked and checked my WOO staking rewards this morning.I saw 39.75 WOO and I claimed it.

Now, I had totally staked 3246 WOO Token on my wallet.
So I got WOO Token staking rewards daily.
This is my staking reward for APR and daily percentages in my screenshot photo,below.

**Price Alert...!

WOO Token price is a good condition and stable.
The price must be more higher near future.

I like so much WOO Token because I can choose many ways to get $WOO passive incomes.
Shall we try together!
Everyone should use WOO Tokens to get more rewards and more incomes on future.

I must buy more WOO Token and must be more staking as soon as possible.

These are all my activities of WOO Game Project for today.

WOO is my favorite game Token on Hive platform.
I am so interesting for collecting and staking and buying Hive Engine Tokens.

If you interested to learn more about WOO game project,you should go and visit to the link address beow...

Thank you so much for stopping and reading my post.

Good luck to you all!
Have a nice day!

With Best Wishes::::
25.9.2022 (16:40)PM



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