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RE: Introducing LeoInfra V1: MetaMask Onboarding for Hive Blockchain Accounts

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The development is terribly out of Hive. This depth of creativity is simply amazing and I think @khaleelkazi deserves a Best Blockchain Developer Award. Now I have questions:

  • If a Metamask user downloads his Hive keys and changes them via Hive wallet, does this affect his transactions via MetaMask?
  • At the present, it seems that a HIVE -MetaMask bound account cannot see the "claim LEO" feature?
  • Is it possible to know how much gas price could be (on LeoFinance) at the point of converting LEO to ETH?
  • Can a Hive user bind more than One ETH account to LeoFinance?

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Good questions @uyobong.venture, I'd like to add one that relates to this,

At the present, it seems that a HIVE -MetaMask bound account cannot see the "claim LEO" feature?

If we have linked our Metamask account can we claim rewards in LEO?

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Yep, if you linked with your metamask, then you can claim LEO as ETH which automatically does a market order to sell your LEO on HE, use HIVE to buy ETH and then send ETH to your bound metamask address

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Thanks :)

  • This should not impact the binding. If the bind were to unlink by the changing of keys, then the user can simply re-bind their ETH address after changing their keys
  • If a user has bound their Hive address (connected with Metamask), then they should see the claim LEO as ETH button. If this isn't working for you, please drop a screenshot here and I'll take a look :)
  • Yes, the claim button will show you the approximate calculation of how much ETH you'll receive. Keep in mind that this can fluctuate from this calculation based on the HE market order depth
  • 1 Hive account can only be bound to 1 ETH address at a time. We're going to add an "unbinding" process later on for users who may want to change their bound address

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