$100 Tokens stake ain't bad for May's version of HPUD

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It's May 1st and I wouldn't let the day pass without joining the league of Hivians around the world to power up my HIVE and other hive tokens in solidarity of the big future we all see for Hive. Thanks to the initiator of this challenge that motivates hundreds of Hivers to help improve the health of Hive by powering up tokens while improving on their governance strength as well as increasing the reward pool for HIVE.

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Though I'v had a rough April when it comes to earnings especially as two weeks was off with off-chain activities, I managed to pool HIVE and Hive tokens worth approximately $100 to mark my May's edition of Hive Power Up Day. My picks for the day were HIVE, LEO, SPORTS, CTP, LIST and CHARY tokens. There were no particular priority in amount of tokens staked, I only gathered as much as I could at the moment.


Reading @taskmaster4450's recent blog on HPUD, I had gathered some facts where he emphaiszed on Reward Pool and governance as the aspect of Hive which is greatly impacted by HPUD. He suggests this shouldn't be a one day thing on Hive and I agree with him, However, the traction that this activity brings in terms of impressions if well targeted and promoted could build a great synergy for the Hive blockchain and HIVE as a token.

I have been setting monthly #myhivegoals which emphasized an increased level which I wish to push my staked tokens to. The grand aim it top hit a $1 million value of assets powered up. Doing it in bits of monthly excited activities goes a long way to motivate us to do big things in little ways. I gladly power up my Hive and tokens on weekly basis and hope they add up though in bits to a great ocean of a great efforts compounded with tiny consistent actions.

With a price of about 60 cents, this is like $60 per account. Are there 1,000 people on Hive who can afford $60 (or even $100) to power up? ... It will be interesting to see what the numbers amount to for the HPUD. This is something that is crucial to the long-term health of Hive. Of course, powering up should not be a once a month affair. Each of us should keep growing our influence as much as we can.

Indeed, if we can have a Thousand Hive users power up at least $100 in a month, then, we would have pooled at least $100k tokens each time into the rewards and governance pool and that means a whole lot for HIVE as a token when compounded over a long period of time consistently. Definitely, we all have roles to play despite how tiny each may look. They pool up to become a great effort at the end of the day.

It's exciting that I didn't miss this edition of the HPUD despite my tight schedule this weekend. I'm moptivated to do more and I can only relax till my staked tokens are worth at least a million Dollars.

It can only get better!

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Its awesome... congratulations for powerup. Yiu have done a wonderful job despite the fact yiubhave a busy schedule....
Power up gives good governance and it helps in improving the price k token by reducing the liquid and increasing the stacked token....
!GIPHY congratulations

In addition, we earn passive income from our stakes. Good good good all the way!

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Sounds great! Good luck

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Thanks very much. Sorry for the late reply.

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Well done, @uyobong! I'm sure that's more than the average user will be staking today. I managed to stake just over 250 Hive for this month's #HivePUD, which I'm quite happy with.

I wholeheartedly agree with @taskmaster4450's sentiments too, and I'm ALWAYS powering up my #Hive and HE tokens. It's one of the healthiest habits I've been able to cultivate in my lifetime, now that I think of it. Thanks so much for sharing your #PUD progress! :)

I managed to stake just over 250 Hive for this month's #HivePUD, which I'm quite happy with.

250 HIVE powered up is huge. You'll be happier in the future for this decision.

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I didn't have to miss out from the May HPUD.

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Great work keep staking them

Yeah, we cruise here on Hive with our stakes.

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