PGM Power Up Week Mar'23


Hello all, this is my first time taking part in PGM Power Up Week and showing my support for this project.

For those whom wanna take part, there is still time. Here is the official post for PGM Power Up Week: Link

What is PGM?
PGM (Play Gamer Token) is a Hive token for a gaming oriented community and also for tipping others using the !PGM command for some game tokens. You would have seen many of such tipping happening in gaming related posts such as Splinterlands, Risingstar, dCity etc.

In the later sections of the post, I will be sharing more on how to get PGM and also more on the tipping bot by invoking !PGM which I often use to reward good post on gaming.

Obtaining PGM

Direct purchase

The most direct way of obtaining is to purchase PGM from Hive Engine or Tribaldex through the below links:
Hive Engine:

Posting using #PGM tag
To earn more PGM tokens we can do it via writing post and using #PGM tag in the post to earn more PGM tokens.

Curating/Upvoting #PGM Post
Another way to earn PGM tokens is to curate/upvote post with #PGM tag. Do note that for this, we will need some PGM in staked form so that we can get PGM from curation rewards.

Other Methods

  • Return tipping is unlocked when we use !PGM command when we hold a 500 PGM or more.
  • Holding PGMM which is a mining token that mines PGM tokens.

!PGM Tipping Bot

To invoke the tipping bot using !PGM, we need to first have a certain amount of PGM token as shown below:

  1. 10 PGM in stakes = 1 command per day.

  2. 100 PGM in stakes = 3 commands per day.

  3. 500 PGM in stake = 5 commands per day and you earn what you send.

  4. 1000 PGM in stake = 10 commands per day and you earn what you send.

  5. 2500 PGM in stake = 10 commands per day and you earn what you send plus 0.00000001 BTC that ends up in the wallet of the person who used the command.

  6. 5000 PGM in stake = 15 commands per day and all level 5 gains are multiplied x2 (example 0.2 PGM and 0.02 LVL will be sent to you who used the command to send the rewards to the other user)

What does the !PGM tipping bot give?

Screenshot 2023-03-23 at 1.26.23 AM.png

This is what is given everytime we invoke the !PGM command:

  • 0.1 PGM
  • 0.1 LVL
  • 1 Starbits
  • 0.05 DEC
  • 1 SBT
  • 0.1 THG
  • 0.000001 SQM
  • 0.1 BUDS

How to Participate in PGM Power Up Week?

  • Make a post or video;
  • Use the #pgm and #pgmpowerup tags
  • PowerUP at least 50 PGMs, or more!

My PGM Power Up

Screenshot 2023-03-23 at 1.44.08 AM.png

Screenshot 2023-03-23 at 1.47.02 AM.png

Screenshot 2023-03-23 at 1.48.22 AM.png

I have seen my PGM asset grow from almost nothing till what I have today together with the extra gaming tokens gotten from the !PGM tipping bot. All in all, this is a great project by @zottone444. Do give him your support to make this project a success. See you the next PGM Power Up Week!



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