@splinterlands Reward Cards Giveaway

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I decided to give a Regular Foil Rare Reward Card to start out 2021. This was my "Happy New Year!" post. I posted the giveaway on @dbuzz The payout happned last week and I missed out on giving our the rewards. I'm sorry for that and I'm going to make up for that by giving a little extra. There was only supposed to be 1 winner. I decided to give a card for each of the four people who comment under the post.

Dragon Splinter Cards: @stefano.massari and @drunksamurai

Earth Splinter Giveaway: @miloshpro @dexy50

I know these are not the biggest giveaways out there. But I wish you will make the best out of them. If there is any tip I can give at the moment, that would be to take a look at Mystery Potions and join a Guild if you haven't already. It can pay off well. It has for me.

  • DEC is still trading at a discount
  • Whenever you want to purchase Booster Packs/Dice or Land, use DEC
  • Use https://peakmonsters.com rental market
  • Keep an eye on price arbirtrage opportunities between STEEM-Engine and HIVE-Engine
  • It's OK to be a casual player; just know that @splinterlands is a serious investment

Happy Investing!

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To be honest it's the games that keep me coming back to the steem/hive/leo likes, it's always fun to collect things, digital or not.

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I'm not crazy about collection. But I do get the feeling. On top of all the fun and eventual nostalgia, there is the eventual financial gains on top of it.

Thank you very much! for me SPLINTERLANDS is more than a game. Since I started, I have been playing almost every day and I also see it as an investment. Maybe, in 5 years, I will then leave my user to my son who will carry on the battles.

In 2018 @splinterlands was my best performing asset. For 2020 it has to be HUNT Token.

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Can you elaborate or directing me to any link about this HUNT Token? Want to know more! Thx. Also, followed in D.Buzz so I might be lucky for next time, as Im stuck in Silver II in Splinterland because I lack of the power to rise to Silver I haha!!

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In the next days I will inquire about the HUNT token

I think I will make a post about HUNT Token within the week.

Yeah! I’m waiting for your post about HUNT

Thnaks for reply and thanks for feedback

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Nice good job at the giveaway my friend! Giving away things is always nice!

Thank you!

Awesome! Thanks!

You are welcome 😊

I have received Gloridax Soldier! thanks for the gift!

You are welcome!

Thank you for the card!

You are welcome!

Thank you.

You are welcome!

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