🔥 Coinbase $COIN is going Live on the NASDAQ !

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Hello HODLers,

Coinbase nasdaq.JPG

For those of you that are alive and not living in a cave, you probably know that today is April, 14th and the day where Coinbase is being listed on the NASDAQ.

This is an important even for the entire crypto space as it it one of the biggest crypto company out there.

Coinbase is NOT doing an IPO but a direct listing.

What is a direct listing?


As a reminder; an IPO is an initial public offering (IPO), in which new shares are created, underwritten and sold to the public

Whereas a Direct Listing is a way to be listed but **no new shares are created and only existing, outstanding shares are sold with no underwriters involved. **

Therefore the 2nd option that Coinbase chose limits the total number of shares and I believe could pump the price at least in the short term.

What valuation are we expecting?


Goldman Sachs and Nasdaq have decided Coinbase stock should start trading at $250 per share.

That would mean a total valuation of $66.5 billion, assuming an estimated 266.2 million shares outstanding.

What makes me believe that this is aimed to create a strong momentum for the stock (not to repeat the Facebook catastrophic IPO) is the fact that this figure is 27% lower than what Coinbase last traded at in the private secondary market, back then it was trading at $343.58 per share.

Edit: Well it surely pumped to 425$ and then came back down to a more reasonable price (around c.100bn in Market cap).


Let's see what the next few days hold.

B.Armstrong is giving its employees an early Christmas gift !


  • He decided to give 100 shares to every employee
  • Only Coinbase's 1700 full-time employees are eligible (sorry part-time worker !)
  • This giveaway was a way to say "thank you" according to Coinbase

At 250$ per share this is a nice 25k$ gift for every employee ! And as I believe the stock might pump more !

It feels like a governance Token airdrop if you ask me xD, I hope that they will perform as well as $UNI or other ones

Well this is an important couple of days for Cryptocurrencies as we also have the ETH Berling Hardfork taking place between today and tomorrow.

What a year to be alive right?


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I just opened a wealthsimple account and tried to buy shares in coinbase. I didn’t realize that it would take three days for my transfer from bank to wealth simple to complete.

I have no shares and my money going to this company now.

I’m going to phone my bank to stop the transaction.

Does anyone know where I can buy shares without the three day lag? Note: I’m Canadian so that’s a factor.

Any new account is gonna be 3 days :(

There all KYC.

How big did u wanna go? Maybe let it go through
I’d bet it’s (COIN) lower by next week honestly

You might actually be right. It depends on Bitcoin, if it pumps, Coinbase will follow.

Good luck with finding a way mate.

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Binance listed the shares I believe. FTC probably also allow you to buy it.
Apart from these 2 options it will always take 2/3 days for the wire I think

Yea USA is crazy here with KYC.

I wasn’t thinking binance here

Well I knew it was at $250 because I checked my broker today and saw it for that price. But I didn't know that he was giving shares to his employees.

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Yes it was the cherry 🍒 in the cake I guess !

I would have liked to have some of those shares 😂

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Binance also announced that they will be listing it. Nice stuff

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Coinbase or that they will try to get listed ?

Oh I just saw what you meant ! Binance is becoming a Stock Beoker 😜


Thank you mate ! I appreciate it

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