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I have been absent from blogging for a while and it has affected a lot of things for me both here on hive and on steem. Today, it occured to me to check my steem engine wallet. I had totally forgotten about that wallet and this was because i thought the tokens on the wallet were moved to hive engine during the hardfork and the hullaballoo that occured during that trying time. To my surprise there are several tokens that are there that are not reflected on hive engine.


What i also observed is that several tribes on steem with tokens on steem engine are not on the hive chain. I have been reading some blogs written on the processes involved in the move from steem to hive. I understand the difficulty. Some tribes did not believe in the hardfork and stayed back. It is my understanding that some projects did airdrops for their token hodlers. I wonder if i missed out on that as well.

One thing i have come to realise about the blockchain space and the crypto space to be precise is that a little dilly-dallying could cost you. To do well in this community and business, one has to be on top of information at all times. I am now left with tokens that i can't trade or exchange. What do i do?

Trading crypto is not a plan for the fainthearted or the absentminded. You have to be aware of everything that is going on in the space that concerns you. This will make the difference between losing your investment and making profit. If i had paid attention to my steem engine wallet during the hardfork period, i believe that i could have been able to move some of my steem tokens to the hive engine either through airdrops or by exchanging them for steem and then for hive.

I am still interested in working those tokens, no matter how cheap or useless they are now into something worthwhile if the opportunity presents itself. As such, i am curious to know if there are any plans in the works to merge the hive engine and steem engine into one product? I do not know the modalities involved or the difficulty of the idea if it is possible but i think it is a good idea for the hive engine to encompass the essence of the blockchain beyond the engine.

There are projects on steem whose tokens i feel are worth saving. I also understand that these things cannot work if the owners of the tokens are not interested in doing business but it is still worth a try, i believe. At the end, the hive engine is a blockchain supported exchange and it is our hope that it becomes more than that, a competition for the top exchanges in the blockchain space presently.

Like i said, i do not know the modalities involved in these things and i may be talking out of point here. I am mostly a noob when it comes to techie stuff but i have done great stuff here, made some money, made some friends as well. Anything that would bring progress to the blockchain technology in general is a win win as far as i am concerned.

in ending, if my comments in this my short post causes offence, in any form, i apologise. I am curious that is all. If anybody has an idea on how to move tokens from steem engine to hive engine or just out of steem engine, please let me know. It will be greatly appreciated. I believe there are others out there who would benefit from the answer that you give. Thank you and good evening.

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This is a good question.

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