dCity Great in Transforming NFTs!

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Wow, I am glad that my Recruitment Center card is still working, and at least there are some confirmed changes of my NFT collections to be transformed into better cards for the city I am building.


However so far my technology cards are all purchased instead of discovered; and I still have not figured out how to increase the % of discovering technology cards.


So far these aren't cheap in the market, but I suppose they are rare to come by; and I do wonder is it worth while upgrading technologies first or just grab more income generating cards first for better technology 2 chances.


Maybe increasing chances might just do the trick.

I do wonder if I have a bigger number of NFT cards that is predominantly requires better technology upgrades, will the card discovery % be increased?



It is no point fussing when there isn't enough SIMs or SWAP.HIVEs to invest further; however this could definitely be something to look at...


While this becomes my next target to save up in order to acquire an NFT card that will reduce my income taxes 😁

Strategy games is pretty fun, especially when it generates passive income 😁

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You have to buy school, universities or research centers to raise your education to at least 40. Only then you have a change to discover technologies.

And you have a chance to discover something once a day.

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Right, but don´t expect too much! Over several months I have just discovered 2 technologies.

oh wow! Thanks so much for the advice @stayoutoftherz and @eirik !
I actually has another school, but was temporarily set aside. So I guess I will need to boost education to 40 only then technology will be discovered. This is very interesting. I DO have research centers but maybe not enough; so the main key is to improve education points, yes?

Thanks for this post and thanks to @stayoutoftherz for the info. I didn't know that aswell :D

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I'll tag @luca-legend, maybe you will get lucky and something nice happens to you :D

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Oh?? Is there something interesting going on?

I sent you GMO Farming as an incentive for you to go for farms. Farms are great cards icm with the GMO tech to build out your city.

They increase farm income with 4 sim, but as they also decrease popularity, you ended up a tiny bit in the population red, so i sent you a luxury home as well to fix that. Have fun playing!

oh wow thank you so so much!
I just realised that new challenges are coming! 😲

Haha @trumpman Yes, nice things are about to happen.
Let me take a look at your city @weddinggift

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I sent you a present... for you to research stuff faster 😅😁💪


PS: You need an avatar to your HIVE account.

OMG! It's you who sent me??? I was so surprised that I got something I thought that I was dreaming! Thank you so much! 😍

Yeah I am going to use it as wisely as possible in order to see if I can optimise my city well enough.