Owning a unique piece of history: The Auction is now LIVE....


I wrote a few days back about the Royal Mint and their online auction - "own a unique piece of history", well today the auction catalogue was uploaded on to the RM websote for intrested bidders to start the ball rolling.

This isnt your typical auction, where bidders gather at a specific time to bid, the auctions are open for just over a week and who ever submits the highest bid in that time walks away with an amazing coin, and a real piece of history!!

How do I Take Part in the Auction?

  • Step 1
    Complete the account form to bid in the auction. After successfully submitting the form you will receive a welcome email and access to The Royal Mint’s auction site.

  • Step 2
    Register to bid for the auction.

  • Step 3
    The catalogue of lots will be released on Thursday, 16 September 2021.

  • Step 4
    Once the catalogue has been released, bids can be placed and those made ahead of the auction, which will be held on Sunday, 26 September 2021, will be registered on the day against any live bids.

So obviously i registered and have my eyes on a few pieces up for auction, but after watching the initial bids roll in, its clear that there wont be any bargains to have:


Take LOT 7 as an example - "Kew gardens, 2019 50 pence, Gold Proof". These coins weigh approximately 15.5g (1/2 oz) and already the bid has skyrocketed to £11000..... Thats £9k more than its estimate. Now admittedly this is, as dar as i can see, the biggest over bid of the auction, but every single lot has already passed its auction estimate. I guess there are a few crazy coin people out there.

Which reminds me!! If you have a spare $28000, please buy my #splinterlands deck so i can buy a few of these auction lots.

If you want to track this auction, you can see all the available lots by clicking HERE , and you can help me to buy something by upvoting the shit out of this post.. hahahahah


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