Kine Protocol Building Cross Chain Linkage With Binance Smart Chain

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Kine Protocol, a decentralized platform for trading derivatives on Ethereum, today announced integration to Binance Smart Chain. The move came as a part of Kine Protocol's vision of multi-chain ecosystem, further expanding their crypto portfolio.

Kine user will be able to use dual chain asset across Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. They will be able to participate in LP mining, staking and minting Kine's stable coin kUSD. The integration will be managed by Kine Exchange as the locked tokens on both Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum will be stored on Kine controlled EOA addresses.

Despite recent hacks, exploits and rug pulls it seems Binance Smart Chain has been getting popular by every passing day. New projects are being launched, existing ones are migrating and cross chain links have been developed.
Recent flash loan attacks have been certainly putting up a bad reputation for Bianace Smart Chain and there is work to be done to improve security across the project on BSC.


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Binance Smart Chain seems safe to me, I suppose they must have a plan B and even a C in circumstances like the ones you mention, it is already very desirable, to lose so much work and reputation , it would not be fair

But reputation is all that matters... I fear that their might be no time for executing plan B or C.

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