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Evening Fellas

Yesterday, I finally gave up to all attractions that LeoFinance presents and moved all in. I have been keeping taps on LEO token for some time and eventually made the logical decision to be a part of LEO mining community.

The choice between LEOM and LEO was a simple one, for me. Since, I wanted to commit to LeoFinance for long term and to have a steady supply of LEO tokens, so instead of investing in LEO tokens, I put all my money into mining LEO tokens and bought LEO Miner Tokens(LEOM). Going @ 2HIVES/LEOM, I think LEOM is still undervalued. I am not against investing in LEO token. But we all have our choices and preferences.


My % Chances of Winning The Mining Round

Leo Mining rounds take place every hour and there are 30 winners in each round. The chances of winning mining round increase with the number of staked miners.

I bought and staked 1,002 LEOM. And, here is how my chances of winning the mining round are calculated.

Total Mining Power Stacked:



LEOM mining Power Stacked = 113,937.66

LEOMM mining Power Stacked = 15,131.15 X 4 = (1 LEOMM = 4Xmining power)

Total Mining Power Stacked = 113,937.66 + 60,524.60 = 174,462.26

My Staked Mining Power = 1,002

% age Chances of Winning Mining Round = (Staked Mining Power / Total Staked Mining Power)

(1,002 * 100 / 174,462.26) = 0.574 %

So, I have 0.574% chance of winning every hourly mining round. And currently each winning miner gets 1.06 LEO.

I stacked my miners about 24 hrs ago and won 9 mining rounds, earning (1.06 X 9)= 9.54 LEO. Not a bad start at all.



My Future Plans

With handsome amount of LEOM staked, I plan on mining, buying & staking decent quantity of LEO tokens and earn some curation rewards too.


That will be all for today.
Did you tried LEO Mining?
I would love to hear about it!


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Nice nice... I might as well start mining LEO soon. Let me see if I can exchange some coins on ChangeNOW right away.

Great to see other miners taking initiative and doing the work. While the chances might affect one another, my view is that once the supply will deplete we will all be winners anyway because the LEOM price will jump up. So there is "gold" to be found for everyone, either short or long term.

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Kudos to you man. You discovered LEOM quite earlier. Keep pushing.

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