Please Welcome SWAP.HIVE:NEOXAG Liquidity Pool on Diesel Pools

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So hive blockchain have it own DeFi liquidity pool, called Diesel Pool. The name kinda feel classy, right!. TBH, I wasn't expecting a defi pool to be available on Hive so soon but here we are, so kudos to the development team.

Yesterday after reading @aggroed's creating first diesel pool (SWAP.HIVE:BEE), I talked to Neoxian (aka Mr. Dragon) on Element Platform, about the Diesel Pools and possibility of a SWAP.HIVE:NEOXAG pool. We had little bit of conversation and he agreed to look into.


And here we are today with SWAP.HIVE:NEOXAG diesel pool.


I was quick to add some liquidity to the pool. May be not that much because I powerup most of my liquid NEOXAG, but I am planning on adding liquidity in small increments.

xabi custom json required_auths 0. xabi required_posting_auths [] id ssc-mainnet-hive json {"contractName":"marketpools","contractAction":"addLiquidity","contractPayload":{"tokenPair":"SWAP.HIVE:NEOXAG","baseQuantity":"12","quoteQuantity":"2961.5004936"}}

As of now, there are six liquidity diesel pools but I guess we are gonna have many more.
So what are you waiting for, head out there and add liquidity to your favorite token liquidity pool. Right now their is no incentive structure for liquidity providers but tribes are gonna find a way to reward liquidity contributors.

Looking to add liquidity:

See you on the moon!

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