Wonder Moment: Two Satoshi Nakamoto Sprung Into Action Today - One on Bitcoin, Other on Steem Chain

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Satoshi Nakamoto on Bitcoin

In an incredible turn of events, two transactions were recorded from Satoshi Nakamoto's 2009 Bitcoin wallet for the first time in last 11 years.

This Satoshi's wallet had 50 Bitcoins as mining reward for mining one Bitcoin block. It was about only a month afterr the Bitcoin chain was born.

Satoshi has always been a mystery to this world. He never transferred a single bitcoin from his wallets until today. But today he split these 50 BTC into two, one with 40 BTC and other with 10 BTC. The 10 BTC were further split into several smaller transactions across a complex chain of outputs, making it almost impossible to track & find the final destination of funds.

It's interesting to see that this wallet was lying dormant since it first received 50 BTC on 9th February, 2009 until today. Check the transaction history yourself:


According to Coin Telegraph, there were only three people that knew about Bitcoin at the time: Satoshi, the since-deceased Hal Finney and Martti Malmi.

Satoshi Nakamoto on Steem

In yet another interesting turn of events today, just at the time of Steem's HF 0.23.0, a mysterious person (akin to Satoshi Nakamoto) appeared on Steem chain and hacked the 23M STEEM Steem Witness were trying to freeze from the 65 Steem accounts.

The account @community321 was hacked within 2 minutes of receiving 23M STEEM after the HF 0.23.0 was executed and all its funds were transferred to Bittrex Exchange with a memo:

These are funds stolen by the Steem witnesses using HF23 May 20th 2020 - please return them to their original owners prior to the fork :)


Speculations have it that this ethical hacker could be @someguy123 but no one knows for sure.

What we know is that @community321 account was created using @someguy123's anon a/c creation service. And just about 10 minutes to HF 0.23.0, the account data was updated:

May be this has triggered the rumours about @someguy123 or may be it was him or some other person, we don't know. But whoever did it, the act was nothing short of a genius move. It's kinda Satoshi's appearance on Steem chain.

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nakamoto, what? wild


lol, good one bro....two satoshi nakamoto....good content idea to combine these two events.

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