My Experience with Bank and ATM

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Greetings to you all. Its been a lovely month and I believe we are all having a positive and fruitful week.
I haven't really explored this community, but with everyday engagement, I think I will be used to the place.
I wanna share my issues with banks and ATMs.

I opened an account some years back. But can I shock you that I haven't issued an ATM card before? At first, I really wasn't in need of it or better still I thought I wasn't in need of it because all the little money I was saving up then was for a purpose and to be used in the future and so I thought there was no need to issue an ATM CARD, after all, I won't be making withdrawals.

It happened that after a few years, I was in need of the money and I knew the stress of going to the bank and queuing up. I still had to adapt anyways since I didn't have an ATM CARD to make withdrawal outside the bank.

I was hoping to get the ATM CARD soon after my first to the second experience in the bank. And I didn't like the stress of going from one POS to another asking for withdrawals through transfer without an ATM CARD.
After I had gotten my money from the bank that faithful day and settled the issue I needed to do with the bank, I went home and forgot all about the banking issues and my plans for purchasing an ATM CARD.

The only time It crossed my mind again was last week when I sold my Hive tokens only for it to be delivered to my bank. The mistake I made was that the exchanger was supposed to give me the cash physical because I was really in need of it at the moment and I didn't want to go through the stress of the bank again. But since I didn't pass the information on time, the money was sent to my bank account.

And this is me trying to get my money without going to the bank. How do I start? I contemplated for a long and then I decided to go to the POS, only for the POS managers to tell me they don't do transfer and withdrawals can't be made without an ATM CARD. It dawned on me again that needed an ATM CARD.
The money was later transferred to a friend's account and He helped me withdraw with his ATM CARD.

But do you know what I learned from this experience? Nothing comes easily. I thought getting an ATM CARD would save me the stress of bank and queuing but it doesn't seem so because even an ATM machine develops issues some times.

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Have you ever stood by an ATM machine for close to an hour just because you are waiting for either service or one problem or the other to be fixed?
Or have you ever gone from one ATM to another seeking where its paying or where you can make a withdrawal? If you have then you would understand that even with our ATM CARD we are still stressed some times.

Here are the pictures of a friend I took while waiting on an ATM machine to process and start its function.
You can see how people are waiting for the machine to cash in so they can withdraw.
Even ATM machines can be frustrating some times.

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This is my experience at the BANK and ATM in different instances.


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