Busmans Holiday Weekend- What are you gonna do?

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Hail to the Hive!


IT”S WEEKEND TIME! Now for me working in tourism usually means same same but different as the days of the week mean nothing to those taking a break from work and life in general. The pandemic and quarantine has changed all that. I now channel the available divers for diving on certain days to make them profitable. This has meant a change in my routine and I now have a bit of time at the weekend to do me stuff ....oh yeah!

Saturday morning.....

I have a bit of crap to do at the dive shop so i jump on this


and make may way to this


and get a bit of work done with a view like this.


This means on Sunday Morning I can do this!


and enjoy a spot of this


throw in a bit of this


and a little dash of this


after I still have to jump on this


to make my way back to this


and if I’m lucky i can finish off the weekend with this


with a view A bit like this


I'd say all in all it could be a hell of a lot worse.

It’s certainly not this


Stay safe out there people wherever you may be on this planet of ours, take care





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That dive gear may be old-school but it looks cool!

Seems like a decent way to spend a day, could be much worse right? Besides, it's always a good day to be on a motor bike! Yes, I know it's just transport for you, but it's fun transport!

Have a good one man, I hope you get your stuff done and find some time for a beer later.

mmm beer. I do love my old school twin hose. Always get a few envious looks from people on the dive boat

They're envious because you're rockin' it old school and making it look good.

I had to laugh the dude I bought it off I know him quite well and he was saying he couldn't get used to it. I really like it. First time he saw my profile pic he said damn I should have done that before I sold it haha. Comedy gold

Haha, too late sucker, the cool gear's yours now! He'll have to have old-school dive gear envy for life!

with a view A bit like this

Just when I couldn't be more envious, I had to stop then and look at the photo. It's unearthly! Hah, how wrong this expression 'unearthly' is (in many ways) but it is a suitable word in any case.

Great way to spend a weekend!

finding a way to mix work and play at the moment. I was going to ask you , with you being into foilms and ting, have you ever seen a movei called "Bubba Hotep"?

Pardon me, this reply was somehow lost to me. I only noticed it now seeing the list of my notifications.

Heard about the film, but I haven't seen it unfortunately. How is it? Would you recommend? And is it related to some context?

I do miss the bar and everyone in it before the pandemic. The weekend breezed by so fast.

me kevin and oscar here now

Wow. I can think of a lot worse ways to spend a day. It's a good life if you don't weaken!

Great photos. Great life. I'm really glad for you!

Thanks Tom, I'm pimping it up a tad haha but we do have a lot on our doorstep.Its a beautiful place

Well, riding a motorcycle to work is a huge plus in my book! And not bad scenery to go with it :)

yup love my bike she's awesome.Fun to ride also.The scenery here is pretty cool. I live on the water in the bay and work on the water 3 km away. I see sun up at home and sundown at work. Pretty neat

I just remembered you on discord one time mentioning a movie I'd not heard of and I looked it up. Then in thisthread I just had a random flashback as someone in another comment on one of galens posts had posted a Bruce Campbell giff and I randomly thought I wonder if @notacinephile has seen Bubba Hotep. Worth a watch it's very off beat and quite amusing.

I see. Bruce Campbell did some real whacky stuff. Thanks, I will check the film out.