Theinkwell Poetry Challenge | Welcome to The Motherland

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Hi all, hope all is well on your sides. This is my entry for this week's poetry challenge that's brought to you by the @theinkwell community. Enjoy!

Africa - by WikiImages - CCO,

Welcome to

Welcome to the Motherland,
Bearer of helicopter parents,
It's the continent of summer
Land of most frozen assets,

Renowned as the genesis block
She always has food for thought
To drop, and forges lifelong
Bonds like none other,

Her heart's in it, gives it her all
To solve her people's struggles,
And the sun she still basks in
When her goals get foiled,

Not perfect but is all her kin need,
Ignored or beaten when she weak,
Still never neglects those in need
For every African is kin indeed
And tears like acid on her skin,

For she is the Motherland,
The forgiver of sins and
Bearer of my grandkids;


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That is a beautiful poem! :)

Thanks for the feedback and for passing by :)