Happy birthday!

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I wrote yesterday on how the blockchain has given me a new family, today being the last day of this month, I'd be celebrating some of them.

Your friendship is like a breathe of fresh air after one has been air-starved,
You are funny, humorous, objective and easy going,
There is no time we talk and I don't to laugh, what's more? You listen.
I wish you an amazing year.

We had our differences but we worked them out,
I remember our joint efforts to clean up Ibadan during @cleanplanet days,
Your sonorous voice does wonder to a weary soul when you sing,
I wish you the very best this year.

Blunt mama, iron lady, the blockchain bee,
You aren't afraid to share your opinions regardless of what may come after,
You work so hard and I pray the work pays off greatly,
Have a fantastic year, blockchain road trip roomie.


The oil of the king, Chinedu never hoards helpful information,
I see you strive daily for the bettterment of your life,
and how you care so deeply about your family.
God bless you greatly, have a blessed new year.


Birthdays are special days of the year,
It is the day your mama remembers how you arrived on earth,
The pains of labour and the gains from the joy of motherhood.
It is a day when you evaluate yourself for check and balances,
It is the day that your friends are grateful for the gift of you,
because, well, without your birthday, we wouldn't meet you!

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Thank you big sister. I value and cherish you so much ❤ 💝.

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More life, more wins

nice one

Thank you Xawi

Thanks for the shout out and birthday wishes to me and other celebrant. Thank you plenty ❤️

We should totally have an April people party, y'all rock

Parte after Parte 😁

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Lovely ode to your fellow friends from the blockchain!
My own policy is not to celebrate my birthday but to celebrate EVERY day - and pay attention to friends and loved ones all year round. It is not a popular policy. People do attach great significance to the one day out of 365 that is "theirs" - so I keep trying to remember them all. (Social media helps.)

Ahhha. My birthday is one day of the year I really love to celebrate in my own quiet way. So, when is your birthday?

It's in April, even though my due date was in March - I was three weeks late so the doctor induced labor; still, 24 more hours passed; I was born in the cusp, Aries vs Taurus, and born jaundiced as well, due to my RhPositive blood being attacked like an alien invader by Mom's RhNegative.

You celebrate in your "own quiet way" - I like that. I used to plant a tree every birthday, but now I'm on seven acres with countless trees so I pull garlic mustard instead, protecting the understory, saving woodland wildflowers ("ephemerals") from the invaders.

Alien. Invaders. Story of my life!

I had a good laugh reading your story. I'm glad you won over jaundice and happy birthday in arrears to another April born. Have an amazing year!🎂

Thanks, you too!! Though 2020 got off to a rough start, there's hope for things to get better!

Very rough start, feels like we've lived 10 years in one but it will surely get better.

Many april borns. Happy birthday to them all

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