There was a time

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There was a time when life was cherry and merry,
When parties and music are on the streets daily,
When care was free and life was simpler.

There was a time when you could visit whenever you wanted,
When there was no curfews, timeouts and lockdowns,
When the world was not afraid of getting infected.

Shot taken on a walk I took about 10 minutes ago

There was a time when job insecurity was not as high as this,
When you do not go to bed fervently praying you don't get a cutback mail from work,
When you aren't wondering how you'd cope if this happens.

There was a time when this current situation are what we read in books,
When this is all a dystopian or Sci-fi movie script,
When you aren't worried about your survival skills.

There was a time.

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soon everything will be alright and better than normal.

Amen! Can't wait.

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