A FRIEND TURNED FOE (An Original Poetry)

in The Ink Well7 months ago

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I guess you have it now
I gave you hands to ground up
You ‘ucked up
I came with the realest to the top
Because you messed up

Snitching on a loyal friend
That was the end;
Last breath of friendship long in coma
You went too far testing my energy
Right now I can’t be your remedy

We dined together when we were younger
You’ve always been my demon
Through kindness I preached sermons
But some demons only grow darker

Many times you tried to dime my star
I remember when you said
You only want me sad
And that provoked my Angels against you

There are flames on your candles
I still want them to glow
There are nemesis for enemies
I hope you never end up being your friend
Before your storm comes to an end

Like God I watch through the eye of the sun
As the wind tells me everything you say
It didn’t start today
Maybe it will end when your tongue decays

I am the Universe dear friendly foe
And the energies you send to me
Is what you receive
Be it positive or negative

When you gather your mistakes in a basket
Come to me and I will set them ablaze
I will give you a new life
So forever, there would be no reason to strive

We are two edged sword
Destined to sharpen each other
You are your villain my friend
Pouring water on me
Is like facing spring on your ember


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