I AM YOUR ANGEL ( An Original Poetry)

in The Ink Well5 months ago

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I am the wind around you,
The star on your rooftop,
I am part of the sun that reaches to you
Every morning
And I am part of the moon
That watches over you while you sleep.

How could I have left you my love?
When my soul is tied around your soul
And my consciousness unconscious without you
How could I have left you to the wolves?

I am the shadow of the dancing tree
And the bird that sings to you,
I am part of the universe
And my spirit is always with you.

My voice is the sound of the rushing stream
And when the butterfly fly over your head
Know it that I am thinking of you
On my bed or in my grave
I am with you all the time.

I carry you in my heart like bloodstain
Through the storm
And as I climb the mountain
I carry you in my heart and it is forever
I am not letting go because I love you

I love you more than the diamonds of earth
Much more than the air I breath
I love you more than wild roses
And more than the future I’ve seen
I love you and this love is forever

You are the bubbles of my youthfulness
You are the melody that lures me to sleep
You are the flowery riverside
Full of colorful butterflies
You are my soulmate and I am your Angel

You are the horizon of my sunshine
My morning and evening star
I am your heartbeat and fountain of light
In distance and in whispers I am your Angel

Your name, your name is my favorite word
And I live in the cave of our memories
When arm in arm we held each other in the cold
I am holding on and never loosing hold
You are the one, you are the one for me.

Berries and cherries
You are everything that I cherish
Kiss the wind and say this is not a dream
Look into the eye of the sun
And promise you would be there for me

Let me be the one you will forever love
Let me be the one who for you is enough
And before the mountain touches the clouds
You shall see me walking towards you
With lips full of endless kisses.