plastic slices the earth

in The Ink Well2 months ago


the earth no longer presents grounded plastic
all as a result of the hands
presenting the plastic as far as the eye can see
from the soles of the feet to the open sea

the cries of the earth are no longer heard
moaning softly almost inaudible, hurt
the whole body of the earth is full of wounds
no comfortable place to be found

plastic has sliced all layers
create suffering that often makes it heavier
once collected a thousand times sown
making the region a cruel town

let us hear the voice of nature
which is no longer a beautiful picture
listen to the story with all the joys and sorrows
in order to plan for a better tomorrow

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy it.


@rokhani, In my opinion this is the time when we have to Resonate with the Earth Lifestyle. Stay blessed.