Ulog#10: Decoration my passion

in Ulogs2 months ago (edited)

Hi uloggers, it's so amazing how God have been so faithful to me and to every members of this community. May His name be praise forever.


Personally I thank God for today, I've been through serious stress today but thank God I deliver.

A very quick one, is always fun whenever am opportune to do what I know how to do best, just so you know I have serious passion for this work, I love decoration that why is always fun when am on it. Just in case you don't have passion for your work, I tell you, that's not your work.


Still on creative desire event, today I was at the Redeemed Christian Church Of God to fixed their church alter decorations, because the church of God has be beautiful.


That was a church backdrop decorations, the colours there are:- White, Blue and Yellow, to fix that you only need the fabrics, thumb tags, nails 💅 , pattern and ribbon 🎀.


That was one of the things have been able to do today by the grace of God. If you need my services contact @dantommy assap.