Proud Of Myself, My Country And My Native Dress

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PSALM 139:14

Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous—how well I know it.

Since I won't be going to work today because it is a work-free day, I have decided to stay home and do something special and remarkable. So I decided to praise myself first, my Country, and my native wears.

I was shocked to my marrow when I found out 90% of my dress are all native attires and I asked myself why. The simple answer is because they make me look special, unique and I feel proud to be called a Nigerian. I feel accepted flaunting my native attire knowing fully well that I am a Nigerian

So today, my Saturday Woman Crush goes to my humble self because I am wonderfully and fearfully made by God.

This dress you see is one of my best dresses, it is native wear but wasn't sown by me (bought it like that: Ready made).


Don't mind my picture, I know it is looking blur but you can still see the dress. A little about why I love native dress is because it makes me look special and unique. It makes me feel among and I really appreciate where I am from and the color of my skin (black).🤗😊

I am proud to be a Nigerian and a black one at that, that is why I love natives so much because it reminds me where I am from and makes me feel accepted. So most of my dresses are native.

BeautyPlus_20200329145614_save.jpg That is my humble self on a native skirt.


I love Africa, where I come from that is why I flaunt my traditional wears which are the native wears. It is very simple but elegant.


God really did not do a mistake in making me a Nigerian and a black one that is why I am grateful to Him because when it comes to my dressing, I am a traditionalist. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the English wears but when I am on my native, I feel so confident of what I am wearing.


Let me also throw you light on why I love native because I don't have to combine colors. If you understand what I mean. Most English wear requires combination but I don't have that time to start looking for a matching blouse or skirt, so I just wear my native that doesn't need too much combination and wear my black sandals or whatever black I have to wear on my legs.🤣😜


If you love natives raise your hands☝️. Anyone else? Do well to share your pictures.


Have a lovely day.

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Glad to see each person who loves how he/she was made by our creator.
Once we accept us we can focus entirely on accepting our neighbors as well just like they are.

Love Your Neighbor As Yourself

If all would live by this simple sentence - regardless of color, gender, religion - we could create paradise on Earth.

Stay blessed and accept a humble
@tipu curate

Thank you for this wonderful comment and remain blessed. Thank you once again

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