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AMPALAYA LEAVES (bittermelon/bittergourd leaves)
It has always been part of the Filipino diet, it may be bitter but we Filipinos love it that way.

The leaves are tasty and have tangy taste perfectly added on vegetable soups like mung beans ( munggo) or just simply sauteed with sardines, shrimps, or smoked fish.


But today because it's Friday I cooked mung beans soup with ampalaya leaves.

Here are the benefits and uses of ampalaya leaves.

You know that ampalaya leaves are excellent sources of Vitamin B, iron, calcium, and phosphorus. It is also rich in beta carotene.
Soups from the leaves are good for colds and flu.

Poultice of leaves used to treat headache.

Infusion of leaves used as mouthwash to treat toothache and other mouth problems.
For treating fever and various stomach problems and improving appetite.

Pounded leaves is used in treating burns and scald.


Come and join me eating this bitter but gives us better protection in our health.

Its me again


Nagutom ako, sarap yan talaga partner sa monggo. Minsan po ung ampalaya leaves nilalaga lang namin tapos saw saw sa bagoong na my sili at konting kalamansi. Ang sarap

Later yan gagawin ko, may natira pa ako dito na ampalaya. Salamat sa pag stopped by at pag leave ng iyong comment