ULOG #8 CONGRATS @diosarich

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Hello Uloggers,

14 days ago I posted my birthday comment game. I apologized for this late result. Just busyness with other matters plus my signal is usually low I can not open to post.

Anyway it is better late than never. My own choice for the best comment goes to poetess @ diosarich but all of the 11 comments messages says a lot. Thank you much much.


@diosarich will received 3 Hives. And, thank you much much to @olivia08 's contribution to be distributed amongst the 9 hivers.


2 hives each coming to your wallet, awesome hivers.

Thanks for passing by...



Congrats @diosarich

Congrats to the goddess of poetry @diosarich

@diosarich Congratulations po Ang pinaka powerful sa poetry dre hehehe

Congratulations ate @diosarich