Ulog#9: I made this WIG

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Hello friends! Good day, I'm super excited today cos I'm doing one of the things I love.


There are two (2) skills I really wanted learning this year before it runs out, which is braiding hairs and baking cakes.

By the special grace of God, one of them have kick-started which is braiding of hair. There's a nearby shop in my locality where I go to sit and learn few things about hair.

By now, I would have been a professional in that area but due to the fact that I'm always in school, sometimes, I do come over to the house during weekends to get some food stuffs and money, so I don't usually have time to continue with my hair business.

Thanks to the government for this lockdown holiday period cos I've so maximized it and using this period to learn skills and improve myself as well.



So the hair you see me with is called "WIG", the ladies will know what I mean. I actually did this myself and I'm so proud of myself 🤗🤗🤗.

My phone was switched off when I started it, I would have snapped all the processes for you guys to see, I'll do that some other time.


WIG is a short and sum total of weavons that is nitted to make a real hair that one can use anything, anywhere.

It has different colors, and there are many styles you can choose or make. WIG can take you for a year if you can take care of it by applying the specified and required oil to make it shine and last long for you.


It is costly and is most preferred in times like this cos no one have money to go sit down and make a new hair.


This is what I did today, and I so love it, I'm actually progressing day by day.

Okay so, do feel free to place your orders, it's cheap and affordable. I'll gladly try my best to do what I can😀.


Thank you for your time, I appreciate. Do have a good day and stay safe.

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I like this!
Thanks to the government for this lockdown holiday period cos I've so maximized it and using this period to learn skills and improve myself as well.

In stead of despair about the circumstances you grab the opportunity to better yourselve.

Well done!

Wow...thank you so much
That's what I'll keep doing

Weldone, this look good. You have maximize the opportunity of the lockdown to execute this. That's a plus to you.

Yeah... Still in the process

Congratulations to you @mhizerbee for your achievement thus far..
This lockdown period ought to be maximized properly..
See you at the top🤗

Thank you very much @udygold.

Umm, that's really impressive. I like to see ladies who are willing and ready to learn things they have passion for. Not sit back and wait for miracle to happen.

Well don. Jah dey your side. You will be surprised how this skills start paying off when the time comes.

Oh, you forgot to wear the wig so we could see!👍😆

Oh okay that's true.. lol 😂😂 😂, I will some other time, thanks

Yeah, that will be great. And don't forget to share with us the steps you took to making the wigs.
I would definitely learn something!

Alright..I surely will