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Am here to appreciate everyone that celebrated with me on hive. Yesterday was my birthday and it came a week after i joined hive platform. I contemplated over it whether to bring it to hive or not, the questions that came into my mind was, will I be celebrated here? how will people react to my post? will they
vote or make comments?
All these thoughts came to me because i am new in hive and have not made much friends that i need to celebrate me here.

the celebrant

Nevertheless, I summoned courage and i decided to make my birthday, my first celebration in hive. I prepared my post with pictures, posted it on my blog and shared it to differences communities on hive. To my greatest amazement, every thing turned out to be different from what i was thinking. I received a lots of comments and upvotes that made me so happy and excited. Before now, as a beginner i was targeting just 50upvotes but after the birthday post i moved to 300 upvotes, is that not impressive? It is.

In my own little way the celebration went good and smoothly, we eat, drink, sing and dance. It was fun.
I received many good wishes via various social media platforms.

I really appreciate everyone that celebrated with me on hive yesterday,
Special thanks to @Ulog, @HeartChurch, @ChristianFellowship, @OCD, and @Gems communities for their votes and comments on my posts also @hope777 and @johnlusegun you guys did great.

I pray God to give you reasons for Celebration, as you Celebrated me, people will also celebrate you.
May your good wishes for me come to manifestation in Jesus name, Amen. Thank you, love you all.


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