Ulog #4: Enjoying my Sunday Morning

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Hello Uloggers,

Pleasure to come your way again today!


I know my face is rough but I also know that I'm still cute😎😎. Lockdown hasn't allowed me to do justice to my hair😗 but I'll do that soonest. My barber had to call me to ask why I haven't come around lately.

So, yesterday I wasn't feeling too okay and I shared it here with us. But I'm pleased to let us know that the boy is feeling very very good this Sunday mornning. The mood swings have all gone and I've gotten the normal me back. I am happy as you can see that I'm all smiles😄😃

And just so you know...

Moments of unhappiness and sadness might come in your life at one time or the other but you need to know how to handle it and get through the phase. Always strive to be happy at all times as happiness is a choice.

Even when things try to weigh me down, I always try hard to regain myself and get on track. This is necessary.

So Uloggers, I just wanted to let us know that I am so happy this morning. Just that I can't go to the Church following the lockdown issues

I had a really great day yesterday, cooked some meals, ate several times and also engaged here on HIVE. It has been an awesome Saturday and I'm sure today will still meet me smiling and staying happy.

Do well to have a great Sunday

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Quit an enjoyment. Missing you already. Shalom!

Hello @tomlee, I'm glad to see you smile, so life is simple and happy.

Yeah. We have to stay happy at all times..

Nice meeting you here

Same here