CLOSED-Digital Drawing Contest #13

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Greetings dear artists!

Last week's Digital Drawing Contest # is now closed.



  • The theme of the week is: Nikola Tesla

If you wish, you can suggest the next theme in the comment section.

  • The Prizes will be from a fund with 150 ESTM points (@esteemapp) and 3 Hive Tokens and awarded to the winners.
  1. Winner: 50 ESTM points and 1 HIVE
  2. Winner: 50 ESTM points and 1 HIVE
  3. Winner: 50 ESTM points and 1 HIVE


  • Only digital drawing.

  • One submission per person.

  • Mention the Digital Drawing Contest somewhere in your post.

  • Try posting directly to the Digital Drawing community (If you use: hive-173545 as your first tag, you posting directly into the Digital Drawing community);
    you can use the #digidraw tag (not mandatory);
    but you have to post your link as a comment in this post to officially enter.

  • The entry window is open for 7 DAYS.

Any upvotes, reposts or donations are welcome!


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Im an digital artist too, hope we will be mutuals here keep going

Ooh nice. 😊
Soo, we expect your participation @aprildicreate 😄

I will try to participate..

Ooo yes 😄😎 Good luck 🍀

I am curious about the entries to this contest. the theme is interesting. İ like

And your participation? That would be nice... 😄🍀

Submission ready here is the link to my artwork


This is interesting. But I think it's a bit late to join, maybe I'll try next week. 😀

Never too late @themarshann 😉

I like it 😊 good luck @rachelcreative 🍀

Thanks for your creativity 😊 Good luck @khiabels 🍀

Good luck 🍀 and thank you 😉

Good luck @glstech 🍀

Thanks for your help time and good luck @cjsean 🍀

I think I may give it a shot!

Hello everyone!
@lesmann here!
I am posting a link to My digital
drawing I call:
"Tesla Coil"
Thank You So Much For Viewing!