WINNERS - Digital Drawing Contest #7

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Hey hey heeey! :)

First of all, many thanks to all participants and voters for dedicating your time, passion, and creativity.

  • THEME OF THE WEEK: Planet Earth

Voting is closed and here are the WINNERS:





For me, the other participants are also winners:










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All the Best and Enjoy


Thank you @dzoji for making this inspiring and interesting contests possible.
Thank you for voting my participation entry.
In this round, the concentrated creativity was present again. Really cool stuff. ♥

Thank you @quantumg for your participation and creativity.
Without you this is not possible...😊
I'm sorry that the awards are not bigger, I hope that some donations will come soon.🙂

I'm sorry that the awards are not bigger, I hope that some donations will come soon.

Fun is also worth it.

You're right 😊

Great entries and beautiful points of view. It was inspiring to see the submissions which made me join once again. Great support from everyone in the digital drawing and creative community as well as the people from dpoll. I was surprised receiving votes from other people outside the community. Thank you for the votes and encouraging words

Thank you @dinglehopper, thanks for your time, creativity, support, participating... 😊

That was totally unexpected for me it was a surprise. It's a pleasure too seeing my name here. Thank you @dzoji for everything and thank you guys for the votes ❤️

You deserve it @shookt 😊
Thank you for your time 😊

Thank you for the votes I see so much engagement this round. Congratulations to the winners

Different perspectives different takes but most of them have clear messages and would make good art wall print or t shirt design. I'm impressed guys keep it up.