My Entry To Digital Drawing Contest 07, Planet Earth

in Digital Drawing4 months ago


Hello Hivers,

Here I made a quick drawing of the planet Earth. I am joining the contest of @dzoji which is the Digital Drawing Contest. Hope this qualifies I believe today is the deadline.

I am showing the good and the bad state of the planet Earth. Below it I drew some piles of waste which is the bad and above is a lush field full of life which is the good. Hope you like it



This is a wonderful concept. I love the duality of the industrial vs the natural side of your planet.

Fantastic job on this drawing. 🤗

I'm glad you see that side of my art I was just going for contrast or duality as you have said. I appreciate your thoughts on this particular piece

Yin and yang? 😀
Thanks for sharing, i like it 😊

Yes something like that I just love the idea of contrast

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You did your drawing more than well and the message is very clear!

If you don't mind, I would like to ask, which software or app you have been using for this drawing?

Thank you ❤️
I am using Sony sketch app for android

Wow. Basic line drawing with touches of colors but the message is spot on. Good luck

Thank you for that wonderful comment