What is something you love to do?

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I once had a conversation with one of my uncle and he suggested to me what should I do in my 30s which I will not regret my 60s. He said many things like time is precious, time is much more important than money because everyone can have millions of rupees but everyone will not have millions of minutes and this became true by seeing this pandemic or actually whole 2020.

He also said that life should not be a long one where you will have too many stories but it can be short or long, the only thing is that life has to be filled with happy moments that you can cherish when you are alone or stressed out.

One thing which strikes me to the core is that he said to find something I love to do, and we should do that regularly, like every day even if we make money from it or not, or get recognition from it or not. So I am asking you what is something you would love to do, and you will do even if you are making money from it or not.


For me, it's traveling, I love going for a long ride on my bike and thus I am not gonna stop it for anything.

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Reading your story reminds of something I read today:

It goes something like this: It is not the years in your life that counts but the life in your years.

That's absolutely true, we need to make our life fruitful in every moment we live

Reading books

That's great, what books you recommend to someone who is just starting out reading

I would start with Robert Greene :The Laws of Human Nature. After this I would recommend

Jordan Peterson:12 rules for life

Harriett Lerner : The Dance of connection

Alfred Lansing :Endurance, Shackleton's incredible voyage

Gary Chapman : The five languages of love

Esther Perel: Mating in captivity

Daniel Kahneman:Thinking fast and slow

I actually do book reviews. I have a Youtube channel with videos over 2 hour long where I sit and talk about each book. Take a look when you make time. I stream on Twitch live every sunday and have these chats.


Ohh wow, that's great to know. Sure I will listen to it. Thanks for the awesome list of books.


I have read ver few books in that, "You Can Win" by Shiv Khera, it is one of the best book I have read on motivation.

I will check it out, thanks😊

I love doing many things. The list is dynamic so it changes once in a while. Travelling of course is there in my list too.

Yes dynamic list is great to have, what I wanted to mean is that lets say you are 60 years old and you retired and still don't want to stay at home what is one thing you would continue doing it

For now, it's dancing, joined dance classes and I'm loving it so much

That's great to know, dance is one of the form of expression. You can actually express a lot of things through dance.

So I am asking you what is something you would love to do, and you will do even if you are making money from it or not.

Almost 6 months ago, I discovered frustration because I wasn't sleeping enough and started working like a machine to achieve something that wasn't under my control.

My plan was simple: If I want something, I should simply get it.

But I was losing myself during the process.

This is when someone told me I should pause for the moment. And do what I truly love that doesn't involve money as the end goal.

I truly loved 3 things that I wrote down:

  • nature (and the peace that comes with it)
  • helping people out (and the joy that comes with it)
  • writing (and the ideas that comes with it)

All of them were the best therapy ever. I started watching sunset almost everyday with nothing in my mind for the next 20 minutes while sipping tea...

Then I was lucky to support and help startup founders with no end goal to sell them anything. Even shared every single one of my secret and wrote things for them and created sessions for them.

And finally, I started writing for myself. I rediscovered my true joy. Passion. And something I have been doing it for sometime now.

That's great to know, Nature is one of the best healing factor, I always suggest someone if they are getting stressed out they should take a break and go close to the nature that will eventually come out of the stress in no time.

I have seen your writing and thus I can day you are very good at it and thus you should continue it.

Where's this picture is of?
If i say i also love to riding on a long way with silence and full of nature.
Well in which field you are?

This is in Karnataka, around 100kms from Bangalore. I loge riding too, I am a Software Developer.

you are software developer, that's cool!!!

Yeah, that's why I get weekends to roam around

Crypto adoption! I don't make any money out of it but I love to do it everyday!

Hahahaha,same here. Crypto investment is one of the tricky areas which is very hard to understand. That's why I don't do regular buying and selling and thus keep it for long term.

girls 🙏

That's one thing a lot of people desire for

Everyday is a blessing. Well, I love doing many things, such as learning new things and trying new things, but playing Football supersede. Football was a path I chose before something I will not share here happened.

i really love to travel with friends

That's great to know, what is one place you would recommend everyone and what is one place you have visited more than 3 times

Greece and China i would recommend for everyone to go. Now as far as it concerns the second question i have been abroad to the same place twice, so i will talk about my country that i have visited some cities multiple times. I would suggest Naflpion because it has different things to see and do. From history, places to walk,eat,clubs,bars,beaches! it's for literally every age. (i have gone there over 20 times)

Wow, it's good to know about it. Thanks

It's so changing. But the longer one I'm sticking to is, photography 😊
I use to love making videos and short films. Have lost it completely. Now again doing some smalls with cooking videos for hive 😁
Ohh you are making me ask the question myself for multiple times 🤣

And I guess the place is Manchinbele dam right 😊

Yes the place was Machinable Dam

Nice to know, it's great to try new things and always stick to one.

"What is something I would love to do..."

This question is so deep and profound.


It made me think hard and deep. 😊

Well, I would love to build friendship with my Heavenly Father, our Creator, Jehovah God. He endowed all humans with a spiritual capacity, that is, a natural desire to want to learn about God. If this natural desire is left out, no matter how rich I might be, my life will be in vain. So, the foremost thing that I should do is to forge a strong friendship with the Creator. Only then will I be content and be satisfied with my life. ❤

That's so great. Making friendship with the creator is one thing which everyone should do. That's why we have meditation where we spend some time meditating as well as do the talking with the creator.

Oh yes! For us Christians, aside from meditation, we also read God's Word, the Bible. 😊

nature + ride + alone + photography + travel = life I need 🙏📸⁦✌️⁩👌

And that's the life you can cherish all your life