What are some of the more disturbing things you have handled at work?

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         Every now and then, you get something at work that raises your eyebrows. Sometimes, that something is not detrimental, but gives you a "BLEH" feeling.

         Here's one example where I received patient sample in a sour cream container. And you guessed it! It's stool! Who thought this was a good idea?

         In this case, the sample wasn't compromised to the point we couldn't do testing, but still...

         I guess it's better than the other time an attached note instructed us to send the container back. Hell no, that went straight into the bio hazard trash.

         What are some of the more disturbing things you had to handle at work?

         It could be object, situation, etc.

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What! That is horrible! I am so sorry you had to do that! I've got nothing that even compares to that grossness!.

It's a bit ewwww.

Like, please don't use food containers for fecal matter.

Same thing, different context.

In an office I used to work in we had a back door we’d sometimes leave open on hot days. One day a dog walked in, took a crap right next to a coworker’s desk and walked out.
My coworker freaked. I ended up cleaning the floor next to her desk since I had an infant at the time and was used to dealing with random poo.

That is so random.

  ·  last month (edited)

Easily the MOST disturbing thing was a fight between two people. Each one of them I knew. And each one of them were close to me.

Both has different personalities.

And both were focussed in their works. Both were, in fact, solopreneurs. And to see them come together to work on a project... that never worked... eventually created a disturbance in the relationship.

Each had a tough time looking at each other.

And each started spreading hatred about each other to... other people.

The worst part: each would tell me / bitch me about the other EVERY single day. It came to the point that I couldn't take it anymore. And I was feeling bad for both because they were the laughing stock in the group.

And so, I got both of them together, made them sit, lock eyes, and resolve the issues. Clearly, the silent battle between the two is always disturbing. And to witness resolution was nothing short of a miracle.

I'm surprised the issue was resolved.

I work as a barista/bartender. The most disturbing thing is when someone asks for a coffee late at night when I have already cleaned the coffee machine.

Does that make you mad? I know I’d be mad.

The first years it was making me mad..But not anymore. I am making the coffee and clean the coffee machine again. Unfortunately all jobs have something that disturbs us, if we focus at the negatives we will never be happy!

Good on ya.

A broken refrigerator containing a very rotten turkey, asbestos while perched on sprinkler pipes in an old build located in Washington DC, and lastly a client asked me to and band mates to move several heat lamps as if we were something other than the hired musicians performing for NYE.
Stay safe.