What are you doing with your STEEM Power-down?

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Hello to the Ask the Hive community.

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I thought I'd pop in here to get some ideas on what people are doing with their STEEM Powerdowns. Are you...

  • Selling STEEM, Buying HIVE, Powering up.
  • Sell STEEM, cash out.
  • Sell STEEM, buy other HIVE investments (tokens, Hive-Engine, Games etc)
  • HOLD Liquid STEEM, wait for a potential Pump and Dump.
  • Not powering down at all, sticking with STEEM.
  • Swapping it all into Bitcoin?
  • Something else?

As for me, I reset my powerdown last week, just after the Heist-Fork. The first one came in a few hours ago. I used about half of it (300ish STEEM) on Splinterlands. I am working on building up to a max level Yodin Zaku Summoner. Todays funds took me to Level 3. Over the next couple weeks I'll buy the remaining cards I need to max it out.

Yodin Zaku.png

This little beauty is worth around $100 currently, and is something I would not be able to obtain without having powered down STEEM.

I did Power up some HIVE from this, not a lot but I'm happy with my HP for now. The remainder I spent on Workerbee tokens on Hive-Engine. I am looking for passive income investments as much as possible, and have been steadily buying these over the last week or two. Is it a good investment - I dunno.

So, "Ask the Hive", what are you doing with your STEEM Powerdowns.



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I was simply trading steem to hive and powering up, but I quit powering down steem. I am just waiting for the new hardfork to Blurt. I heard about it but I need more info. I did not quite understand what it will be...

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Hey Ronaldo, I think the snapshot of balances for Blurt has already happened, they took it before the STEEM HF so people having the funds stolen didn't miss out. I think (hope) that means sales of STEEM now won't affect the airdrop of BLURT when it happens - but don't quote me on that.

Not quite sure what their plans are, but I think their main angle is that they are not STEEM or HIVE. I know there are those disillusioned with both sides of the STEEM/HIVE fiasco, maybe this will appeal to them.

Thanks for stopping by mate.

Why didn't they took the snapshot from hive? I would love it, as I have the double in hives... :=))

I know, I'm in the same boat. It's possibly because they didn't want to leave out those that were excluded from the HIVE airdrop. But I really don't know for sure. At any rate, It'll be interesting to see if their "third option" chain gains any ground.

I've prevaricated 😁
Some went into bitcoin. I don't follow these things and I bought at a dip, I was lucky. Originally, I was putting it there as Hive was quite high at the time, but now it's there I will probably leave it.
The rest I'm bringing over to Hive. I'm planning to work towards Orca (about 51,330 Hive) which will probably take me about another six months. After that, I don't plan to invest any more into Hive and will let the account grow organically. I'm building my stake because I believe there are going to be lots of opportunities to invest in projects on Hive - cards(!), small businesses, community initiatives - and I want to be in a position to be involved and support growth.
My other big investment is SPI - I have a romantic idea of getting my stake there to 10% of the pioneer fund, but I may have to make a hard choice between Orca and SPI 😁 I'm not too worried, I think there will be other opportunities with SP Investments 😎

Hey Shani, SPI is in good shape at the mo, looks like it is in some strong hands and supply is limited.

Cards sound good😉

Orca is a great goal to work towards. I only just hit Dolphin, orca seems way off. Plenty of scope for investing in projects and communities here on HIVE.

Thanks for answering here, I always like to get some insights into what people are thinking.


I there currently actually any way to sell it? As far as I can see all exchanges stopped to accept steem deposits?

Not sure where exchanges are at right now. The process I am using is:

  1. Deposit STEEM on Steem Engine.
  2. Buy HIVEP on Steem Engine.
  3. Withdraw HIVEP to Hive wallet.

There are other ways and options, but this is a pretty easy way.

thanks a bunch! although it seems that I can't get a deposit address for Hive currently

It should be same as your steem name?

hmm, I mean after buying HIVEP on Steem Engine I have to deposit it on Hive engine, right? Or I guess I could deposit Steem on Hive engine and sell it for Hive... a bit confusing

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On steem engine, hit the withdraw button. There is a drop down list and hive is an option to withdraw. The rest should be clear. Do a small test first, and be aware it can take 10 to 15 minutes.


At 1 to 1 or better I bought more HIVE and powered up.

I recently used some to diversify into other cryptocurrencies mainly Raven Coin.

The last couple of powerdown I have no clue. Currently information overload on all the different places to reinvest. At this stage most likely just convert to more HIVE. Although still looking for other moon shot opportunities. I like to have many baskets for less broken eggs.

I am converting it to BTC and wait for good price to buy HIVE and then power up