"Bitcoin will save us" | Do you consider this poster right place and time amongst the riot ?

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I have never partake any riot, even in my High school day was fight will break out between schools, I'm very quick to run home and my dad will be happy I did because he home safe.

Now if there is any riot will gladly partake in peacefully it will have to be for Bitcoin like the guy in the above photo.

But is this the right time and place to protest for Bitcoin or add Bitcoin to the midst of the riot? What's your thought on the subject?

Personally I will prefer a Bitcoin peaceful protest that has nothing to do with other riots, we don't have Bitcoin linked to bad deeds.
And for the guy in the above photo, I doff my hat for him for the the idea behind the Bitcoin poster.

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Are you sure you South African? Can I see that passport? If you can't Toyi-toyi you don't belong here, go back to Europe lol!

For real though, this guy is my spirit animal

Toyi-Toyi 😀😀 I think SA ranks amongst to top Toyi-Toyi nations in the world.
I'm originally from Nigeria though, been in South Africa for 12years now.

That guy deserves a bells

Lol if theirs one thing South Africans should learn to export its toyi-toying Other people’s marches seem so boring when you used to how it goes down here!

Very true though the one I once saw that I questioned myself why do they have to go to such length was throwing kak at the Durban international airport years back, that got me really sick.