Whos Satoshi Nakamtoto ?

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Not known movie:

Not seen since years article:

What is your opinion ?


Nobody knows!


My opinion is that you should not share this video, as it brings him in a difficult situation and it is better if the world does not know.

i didnt make it but i get what u say!

Me, I'm Satoshi, just hidden in plain sight to avoid the paparazzi 😄

i can see your face!

Of course. That's the whole idea of hidden in plain sight 😄

Of course its [REDACTED]

hey i cant read that!

It's a great little investigative series.

I actually agree Satoshi is who he says he is too.

What do you think?

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maybe hal finney..

I think Satoshi Nakamoto will not surface because he is really a very important public figure @kingscrown :D

we can only guess