What is this motivation behind racism[especially white on black racism]? Do you think it'll end?

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Thie news of the death George Floyd caused by a "white" shouldn't be new news to anyone. The whole internet has been buzzing with the news, and if you haven't heard, it's either you are a racism apologist, or you just don't care, and neither of those actions is right.

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I've often dreamt the American dream because I'm not exactly happy with the situation of my country. There's insecurity and high-end corruption. For a young man trying to get through by honest means, it is really hard thriving in Nigeria. And when I think of it, leaving the country is always the next line of actions in my thoughts.

But when I see or read cases of racism, I'm scared for my life. Every blackman in the USA lives on the edge waiting for their turn to be executed. Execution fueled by stereotypes and racism.

In my country, I'm not safe either. There are 1000ways to die here. And police brutality is one of such ways. However, their hate isn't motivated by the difference in color of our skin.

Racism is in every sector of the world. Entertainment, Sports, etc. Even here on the Hive. But it'll be a topic for another day.

What then is the motivation behind racism? Why is the black man hated so much? Will it ever end?

Rest in peace George Floyd and everyone that has lost their lives to senseless hate.

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Racism is in every sector of the world, yes and it is like a virus. There is racism in white and black, white and brown, Europe and Asian, poor and rich and it will never go away because it is a mindset which people have to change.