Why do people become suicidal?

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Last year, I read about a lot of suicide cases in Nigeria. The numbers were scary. Prior to last year, we haven't heard of such amount of suicide cases. Maybe they have been happening, but the media haven't been paying attention until last year.


When I was much younger, I used to hear that depression and suicide wasn't a black man's problem, we can't say the same for now. Young, old, men, women, rich, poor, we are hearing suicide cases from all sides.

Some people say people who commit suicide got money problems. But we've seen rich people commit suicide too. Even people that are seemingly successful.

What then cause people to be suicidal?

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I think they can't on their own and the mind torments them so much that they think of a way out to calm their inner pain, ending up with themselves

I think when you lose the motive of your life you do suicide, but now a days people don't take life seriously, we see suicide by teenagers if they lose their love of life, or mid age people if they lose their job. Suicide is just running away from your problem, but we should face it and rectify it.

Well you are correct. But I've also seen people with seemingly no problems at all. They are wealthy. They have good jobs. Everything a person should have to be happy.

The definition of happy differs person to person that's what I think

Yea, that's true.